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Why donate?

We, Freelancebit, is a company committed to improving and better the freelance industry, making it a better workplace for freelancers and better marketplace for buyers.

Your donation will go towards website maintenance, website development , the Freelancebit staff and tools for us, and so much more.

Click on a box below to see our list of commitments:

Zero fees is the fundament of Freelancebit. We are committed to a zero fee promise for our website. Meaning that we will not charge any fees for gigs nor project.

It is currently not worthwhile to sell cheap (between $5 and $15) gigs on freelance platforms where it is possible, but with us (because of the zero fees), it is actually worthwhile. For example, on Fiverr if a freelancer is to sell a gig for $5, they will only get a total of $3.58.

You can find a list of some popular freelance services' and freelance consultants' fees here.

As an addition to our zero fees we are also offering free services that would otherwise cost on other freelance platforms. We offer free additional services for project (hidden and privacy protection), tools (localization management) and more.

We will offer more and more services free of charge, tools and more, as we go on.

With we are also committed to keeping the prices for services, additional services (consultant, urgent, featured), tools (project management) and more, as low as possible. Our goal is to provide them cheaper than market average and ultimately provide them free of charge.

We will and are working tirelessly to provide all of this as cheap as possible whilst ensuring the quality of it is the best possible. And also offer more and more services, tools and more, as we go on.

We are also partnering up with companies, organizations, developers and other free of charge. Within the partnerships, we manage their project. Managing a gig include the following but is not limited to it:

  • Negotiating on behaves of the partner (if needed)
  • Find freelancers to work on the project (consultation)
  • Communicating with the freelancers and partners via mail and the website
  • Assist the freelancers with anything that may come up
  • Updating the project to fit the partner’s needs
  • & more

A partnership will spare the partner from having to hire a gig manager and a consultant which is expensive in the long-run.

We are and will always be working on offering as many services, tools and add-ons free of charge or the prices of them minimalist, whilst keeping the quality of them as high as feasible.